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James and Karen Good have been "doing music" for most of their lives. In early years the music started with family arrangements and singing in church. The years have seen various band arrangements: a family band doing Country Gospel Music in their early married life, local bluegrass bands like The Good Word Radio Band in the 1990s, The Stevens Family Bluegrass Band from Berkeley Springs West Virginia (James) in 2005 and 2006, The Morning Edition Bluegrass Band, and now The Goods. From 2005 to 2012 James was privileged to study music under the tutelage of Mike Auldridge, who performed and recorded with The Seldom Scene and became one of the most influential dobro players in bluegrass and country music history.

Whatever the arrangement, they have delighted audiences at churches, bluegrass festivals, senior centers, private venues, and radio shows with their country-, bluegrass-, and gospel-influenced arrangements and harmony. In 2011 their son Jonathan began singing and playing with them and today joins them in both performing and recording.

Today in addition to other performances, The Goods lead worship at The Glenvale Church of God in Marysville, PA and Victory Gospel Ministries in Strinestown, PA.

If you enjoy dobros, keyboards, bass guitars, and harmony, you'll love The Goods.

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